New Mexico State University
GRID Registration: Step 1
User Types
  • There are two types of access to GRID, 1) Researcher and 2) Support Staff, both with equal access to GRID. The differences include
  1. Researcher
    • registration will require a short biography and a list of research interests
    • optional fields for publications, funding, and activities
    • registration information will be listed and can be searched upon in the Researcher Profiles section by anyone who is registerd in GRID
  2. Support Staff
    • registration is shorter
    • will not have a profile in the Researcher Profiles section
Register in Steps
  • Can't Register All At Once? No Problem!
    After you complete each step, your information is saved. When you are ready to complete your registration, just enter your username and password in the login screen and GRID will automatically redirect you to the step you left off at.

Access Information
  Use myNMSU login information
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  Password:  * Re-Enter Password:  *
  User Type:
Researcher Support Staff
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General Information
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